Nikola Jevtić, ISST-Schroth instructor, has developed special ISST-Camps for patients. In 7 to 10-day intensive therapy programs patients learn the principles of the Schroth treatment and follow more motivated and committed their residential therapy approach fulfilling their home exercise programs more effectively.
This program is aimed at international patients who do not have the chance to follow the intensive training programs provided by the Asklepios Katharina Schroth Kliniken for international patients.


ISST- Camp is an intensive scoliosis-specific group treatment according to the original Katharina Schroth Method. The camp is primarily tailored for patients with idiopathic scoliosis and kyphosis (including Scheuermann’s disease).

The purpose of the camp is:

  • to educate patients about their own specific curve type and how it affects their posture,
  • to teach patients the home exercise program (HEP) aimed at recalibration of the posture affected by scoliosis or kyphosis using their own ability to auto‐correct in all three planes of the body,
  • to teach them how to use Schroth principles in activities of daily living (ADL) to assure constant active correction throughout the day
  • to stabilize the corrected posture by emphasizing the importance of compliance with the HEP and ADL
  • in case of braced patients, they learn at least one exercise in the brace. If the quality of the brace is assessed as acceptable the motivation to use and wear the brace should be improved

The ISST- Camp may last 7 to 10 days. Regardless of the camp duration, daily treatment must be 4.5 hours, divided into three 1.5-hour sessions. There should be 1h to 1.5h break between the sessions.

On the first day patients are assessed individually and the HEP is prescribed based on their own specific curve pattern and abilities. The assessment protocol described in the Manual shall be followed.


Before organizing an ISST- Camp, an official approval from the ISST board or regional ISST- Schroth Instructor should be obtained.

ISST- Camp can be held only by a ISST Schroth-Therapist and it must use exclusively ISST method. No other methods such as BSPTS, Side Shift, SEAS, Dobomed, FITS shall be used during the intensive camp treatment.

The first two times an ISST- Schroth Therapist organizing the camp must carry out the work in the presence of a regional ISST-Schroth Instructor with experience in conducting camps. After that, the ISST-Schroth Therapist can conduct the ISST- Camp in his country independently.

One therapist can organise a camp with a maximum of 5-6 patients. If two certified ISST-Schroth Therapists are leading the camp, then there can be a maximum of 12 patients. If there are more than 6 patients participating and only one ISST-Schroth Therapist is present, the ISST-Schroth Therapist must assure that there is a sufficient number of qualified assistants present during the camp. In that case a maximum number of patients is 8.

At the end of an ISST- Camp patients shall receive a booklet with their specific HEP. Also, patients and therapists will receive a certificate of a successful completion of the camp.

The therapist must keep a database of patients’ records in a secure place.

The space, in which the camp is being organised must meet the basic needs for the ISST-Schroth program to run smoothly. The room must have mirrors, wall bars, foam blocks, soft rollers, rice bags, poles, balls, and other Schroth-specific props.

Patient eligibility and requirements:

ISST- Camp can attend participants older than 10 years with idiopathic scoliosis or kyphosis. Patients are required to bring a recent radiograph not older than 3-6 month .

Training attire: bikini or tank top and comfortable bottoms for female participant, while males can be shirtless. Hair should be held such so that shoulders and back are exposed.
Braced patients should bring their brace to each training session.

Patients must stay for the whole duration of the camp.

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